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About Us

Established in 2014, our clinic was founded on the principal of getting to the root cause of illness by assessing the whole person, their body, mind and spirit.

We do this by providing each and every patient individualized attention, utilizing cutting edge technology, and producing custom health plans specific to each patient's unique individual health needs. 

Our office and patient approach have all been meticulously designed to achieve one message: We love our patients, we treat you like family, and we are emotionally invested in helping you achieve the most fulfilling life possible.  

The staff and environment at Brookfield Health & Wellness have been, to me, like finding home. Their philosophy of caring love and effective wellness modalities are a rare find. In a world of treatments that have toxic and unhelpful side effects without getting to root causes, Sue Rohr and her team offer the best of get-to-the-root-cause, non-toxic, help-you-truly-heal care. For them, it isn't a business, but a calling. I am blessed to have found them and recommend them as highly as possible!

                                                       ~Ellen, Patient

Flower Vase

Advanced Certified Ondamed Practitioner & Educator

Certified Neurofeedback Practitioner

Clinical Advisor IASIS MCN

Lyme Advocate

Trained Provider of Emotion Code & Body Code Work

Member of the International College of Integrative Medicine 

Member of the Holistic Chamber of Commerce


Susan has an extensive and diverse background in working with Lyme and tick bourne disease.  She has studied with Dr. Dietrick Klinghardt, Dr. Ann Carson, and Dr. Michael Payne to name a few.   Her clinic is certified as a Tier II care center by Cancer Tutor.   She is an energy medicine expert and has established a diverse, unique and impressive array of energy healing modalities within her clinic.  These modalities make Brookfield Health & Wellness, LLC one of the few clinics in the country capable of successfully treating cancer and other immune system dysfunctions of the body with energy and oxygen modalities.     


The healing model at Brookfield Health & Wellness, LLC is based on identifying root cause of illness and then applying some of the world's most innovative energy technologies with the inspiration of Divine intervention.  It is Susan's personal history with overcoming Lyme disease that inspires her pursuits as a teacher and motivator to search for the healing path solution for each individual patient.   Her goal is to help people thrive, not just survive.


In Wellness....Susan 

Susan Rohr - BSN, RN

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