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The Journey of Cancer

Our approach is to work collaboratively with our patients and their support system to educate, empower and treat with state of the art tools. We provide a blueprint of identified root cause issue and customized treatment based on individual needs. What works for one patient does not necessarily work for another. This customized approach meets the patient’s needs and is constantly adjusted as the patient evolves and heals through treatment.

We approach cancer from many angles inspiring the immune system with powerful natural alternative treatments. At Brookfield Health & Wellness identifying the root cause of illness is the first step in supporting the body's journey towards wellbeing.
The body has an innate ability to heal. Our goal is to identify the stressors such as parasites, yeast, chronic virus, environmental toxins, emotions and heavy metals, which work against optimal immune system function. Correcting these imbalances supports the body’s ability to eliminate cancer and dramatically improve overall health and a sense of wellbeing.

"The body is the ultimate healer. Just as certain as a finger will heal if cut by a knife, so can the body heal from cancer."

Individualized treatments for immune system support & healing are non-toxic, holistic treatments, for the mind, body & spirit which target cancer at its core.

The body is the ultimate healer.

Our Approach to Cancer

Brookfield Health & Wellness Tools

  • High RF Frequency GB4000

  • Photon Genius Infared sauna detoxification

  • Whole Body Tuner With PEMF

  • Nutritional Supplement Testing

  • HOCATT Ozone Sauna

  • Footbath Detoxification

  • Neurofeedback IASIS MCN

  • Chiropractic / Bodywork

  • Uriel Tone Sound Therapy 

Our Journey Together Starts Here

No matter where you are in your cancer journey, we are here to help.  Send us your basic information below, and one of our family staff will reach out to you. 

Identify / Customize / Detoxify / Energize / Oxygenate / Nutrition / Spiritual/Emotional