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Alleviate Summer Allergies with Laser Therapy & Supplements We Recommend

Here in Wisconsin, it seems like we rocket launched into summer in a matter of days. Suddenly, everything started blooming, the grass in our lawns sprang up, and the rainstorms have been frequent.

This is great news for our vegetable gardens, but not-so-great news for seasonal allergy sufferers.

Fortunately, there are many ways you can naturally relieve seasonal allergy symptoms, from utilizing effective supplements to in-clinic custom treatments tailored to your body’s needs, such as our new BioLight Aura PTL II laser.

We promise this kind of laser has nothing to do with mad scientists or alien ray guns; it’s just another way we bring the power of cutting-edge frequency medicine to you.

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Our Recommended Supplements for Seasonal Allergies

But before we get into the high-tech solutions, lets cover the basics. These are a few of the products that we recommend to patients time and again for fast allergy relief—no drugs required. If you’re looking for a natural alternative to relieve your allergy symptoms, try one or a combination of these.

- Rootology Breathe Free Nasal, Sinus & Eye Health: This formula combines 13 different herbs for relief of sinus pressure, congestion, watery eyes, sneezing, cough—just about any allergy symptom you might have.

- Orthomolecular D-Hist: This product is a patient favorite and combines powerful allergy fighters like quercetin, bromelain, stinging nettle, and NAC, plus vitamin C. Bye bye, stuffy nose. Now 20% off at the clinic!

- BioLight Allergy formulas: There are a couple of different BioLight spray formulas (That’s right, no pills!) that target allergy symptoms—even one formulated specifically for pet allergies. If your furry friends are causing your symptoms, check this one out!

- Vitamin C: If you’re looking for a more general option, you can’t go wrong with plain old vitamin C. Plus, you’ll get the energy and immune-boosting benefits too!

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Using the BioLight Laser to Treat Allergies

If you haven’t already heard, one of our newer treatment offerings is the BioLight AURA PTL II laser, administered by the lovely Amy Eimermann.

Amy is a professionally trained and experienced Chinese medicine practitioner. Prior to working at Brookfield Health & Wellness, Amy practiced traditional acupuncture for eight years. Now she works with the BioLight laser to treat patients with all of the benefits of acupuncture—without the needles!

Amy loves the ability to combine frequency medicine with traditional Chinese medicine.

“The really cool thing about the laser device is that I can treat a patient using traditional Chinese medicine theory and then incorporate these healing frequencies into the acupuncture points,” she said. “So there’s no needles, which is great, because not everyone has a good experience with the needles; it can be very invasive. There are patients who have sensitivities, and it’s uncomfortable.”

The BioLight Laser treats patients with all the benefits of acupuncture

- without the needles!!

The BioLight laser is completely painless and safe no matter what medications a patient is taking or what symptoms they are experiencing, which makes it a very versatile and powerful tool.

The BioLight laser has many different protocols that can be used to address each patient’s unique condition. There are a few “core” protocols that are then combined with supplementary protocols such as “focus and concentration,” if a person is having memory or focus issues, as well as protocols for pain, hormone balancing, and yes, allergies of all kinds, from seasonal to foods.

“With the laser, we can emit healing frequencies into the body that are boosting your overall vitality, boosting your overall immune system, improving detoxification, and then we can focus on specific aspects of the body. For example, the “sensitivity” protocol is excellent for patients who are sensitive to their environment, causing allergies and discomfort, as well as people who are very sensitive to chemicals and other toxins,” Amy explained. “It even helps patients who are strong empaths become less sensitive emotionally, helping them build a protective bubble, so to speak.”

Patients love the laser sessions because they are very relaxing and yet also provide a sense of energy flowing through the body. The relaxation effects can last for days after the treatment, and people often report decreased anxiety and stress and an elevated mood.

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Want to find out more?

Whether allergies are dragging you down or you are looking for a needle-less acupuncture alternative, give us a call and ask about Laser Therapy today!

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