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Integrative Cancer Care: 3 of Our Amazing Alternative Treatments

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

In our modern life, a cancer diagnosis is sadly becoming more and more difficult to avoid–-Did you know that cancer is the number one killer in the world and second only to heart disease in the U.S.?

These days, being diagnosed with cancer is a real possibility for all of us regardless of our current health status or genetics–-due to the overabundance of toxic carcinogens in our food, water, and air, as stated by the President’s Cancer Panel Annual Report [1]. Unfortunately, these toxins are a part of our everyday lives now.

Therefore, it is important to be aware of the risks and learn what we can do to reduce our chances of developing cancer, as well as understand integrative therapies that can help those who are already undergoing harsh chemotherapy and radiation.

Conventional cancer treatment may be a necessary evil in many cases, but integrative cancer care can improve a patient’s ability to withstand treatment, maintain a good quality of life, and make a full recovery back to health.

At Brookfield Health & Wellness, we see patients with cancer every day and frequently recommend the following devices: the HOCATT, Frequency Therapy, and the Nano Vi as complementary therapies to their chemotherapy and radiation treatments.

We strive to create a hopeful and healing environment that goes against the depressing narrative of cancer in conventional medicine.

As many integrative practitioners have shown over the last few decades, it is possible to heal from stage 3 or 4 cancer, by combining the best of allopathic and alternative medicine.

In recognition of Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2020, here is an overview of these powerful wellness tools and how they can benefit anyone healing from cancer.

How does the HOCATT act as an integrative cancer care treatment?

The HOCATT–-Hyperthermic Ozone and Carbonic Acid Transdermal Technology–-is a full-body therapy that provides ozonated steam, flooding the body with super-oxygen that easily binds to toxins and heavy metals. The HOCATT allows the body to better dispose of these harmful products through all detoxification channels in the body, including sweating them out through the pores of your skin.

In addition to its powerful detoxification abilities, the HOCATT also stimulates the immune system, improves circulation of the blood and lymph, increases hormone and enzyme production, and reduces stress and anxiety through its ten–-count ‘em–-different therapies. The HOCATT really is a one-stop-shop for whole body wellness.

HOCATT: Ozone Therapy

The HOCATT is such a powerful tool to support cancer patients because 1) they already have compromised immune systems that allowed the cancer to develop, and 2) they are constantly absorbing high levels of toxins from chemotherapy and radiation treatments to fight the cancer, in addition to whatever they may already be exposed to in their environment.

The HOCATT addresses both of these issues by stimulating and regulating the immune system, flooding the body with energizing and healing oxygen as well as binding the toxins and heavy metals that conventional treatments introduce into the body.

The Power of Ozone Against Cancer Cells

A brief interlude on the power of ozone in the body––ozone (O3) is an amazing “super-charged” kind of oxygen that has three atoms of oxygen instead of the standard two. This third atom makes the ozone molecule electrically unstable, so when it is introduced to the body, it seeks out other unbalanced charges to combine with and achieve “stability.”

It just so happens that all diseased cells and pathogens are also electrically imbalanced. That means that the ozone and the diseased cells are mutually attracted to each other, and once they are connected, the ozone destroys the diseased cells.

So yes, ozone has the ability to stabilize cancer cells. Along with all of the other modalities wrapped up in the HOCATT that allow the body to then get rid of the dead cells, it becomes a very effective cancer treatment tool.

“One of the major causes, if not THE major cause of cancer, is decreased oxidation.”–– Dr. Frank Shallenberger, Integrative Physician and Ozone Expert[2]

Additionally, tumors thrive in anaerobic, or low oxygen, environments. So the more oxygen that is available in the body, the more effective other conventional and alternative treatments will be. Some studies have even shown that the less oxygen is present in the body, the more likely the patient is to be resistant to chemotherapy treatment[3].

Dr. Victor Vega created an integrative healing protocol for stage 4 cancer patients who did not respond to conventional treatment. He prescribed a number of therapies, including ozone, to detox and destress the mind and body. His protocol was so effective that within 3 weeks, 76% of patients’ tumors halved in size![4]

Ozone also helps reduce patient fatigue, enhance circulation, reduce pain and inflammation, balance hormone and enzyme production, improve brain function, relax muscles, and speed up metabolism. All around, it’s an amazing tool for recovery and general wellbeing.

We like to assure patients that reclining in the HOCATT pod is quite comfortable and relaxing; your head remains free while the rest of your body is submerged in the ozonated steam. And before you know it, you’re done! Just 30 minutes is all you need to supercharge your cells, fight disease, and release toxic substances from the body.

Call us today about using the HOCATT as part of your integrative cancer care plan!

How does Frequency Therapy complement conventional cancer treatment?

Another treatment device we frequently recommend to cancer patients is Frequency Therapy. Unlike the HOCATT, Frequency Therapy has just one job; it is a Rife frequency device specifically designed to kill microbes–-disease-causing bacteria and fungi–-including those causing chronic infections in the body and even microbes inside of cancer cells.[5]

Frequency Therapy is able to destroy microbes because there is a frequency that corresponds to each microorganism, and when that microorganism is exposed to the correct frequency, or its “mortal oscillatory rate,” it essentially breaks apart and dies. This effect is similar to the opera singer who is able to shatter a crystal glass with a precisely pitched note.

At BHW, we are able to evaluate harmful microbes in the body using tools like the Ondamed and QI-5 systems and then use Frequency Therapyto target and destroy those pathogens. With continued treatment over time, this allows the cells of the body and the immune system to recover and aid in the healing process.

Frequency Therapy: A powerful tool for cancer-causing microorganisms

While receiving a Frequency Therapy treatment, a patient sits near the plasma tube (pictured above) and relaxes as the device emits the customized frequencies specific to the pathogens in their body.

Frequency Therapy is a powerful tool for destroying cancer-causing microorganisms and enabling the patient to recover with minimal pain and fatigue in less time. It is most effective in conjunction with an Ionic foot bath after each treatment, to draw out toxins and waste from the body.

Interested in Frequency Therapy for your integrative cancer treatment protocol?

Give us a call to schedule your first appointment!

How does the Nano Vi act as an integrative cancer care treatment?

NanoVi: Powerful detox & immune support

The Nano Vi is our third cancer-fighting superstar. It works by producing a bioidentical signal equal to the one that activates cellular repair in our bodies[6]. This helps the body counteract harmful processes like free radical damage, inflammation, and oxidative stress damage, all of which occur with conventional cancer treatment and cancer itself.

Like the HOCATT, Nano Vi is a powerful detoxification and immune support tool and produces quick positive results in cancer patients.

Nicole used the Nano Vi as part of her recovery, after treating her cancer with chemotherapy and radiation for 20 weeks[7]. After beginning daily treatment with Nano Vi, she quickly noticed improvements in her energy levels, hair regrowth, and even eyesight.

She said, “I feel like I am back to normal and not a cancer patient anymore.” For someone who was sick for over 6 months with little to no improvement, that is a remarkable turnaround!

We are excited to offer the Nano Vi as a non-invasive, effective complementary cancer treatment to our patients at BHW.

Putting love back into medicine. Every Patient. Every Time.

Conclusion: An Integrative Approach to Cancer Care Works

If you are fighting cancer, you have additional options for treatment in combination with chemotherapy or radiation, like the HOCATT, Frequency Therapy or the Nano Vi. (Or all three!)

Cancer treatment is one of the most difficult life experiences a person can go through, but it doesn’t have to devastate one’s body and spirit and rob a person of their daily life. Along with conventional treatment, targeted nutrition, and emotional and social support, our revolutionary frequency and energy medicine therapies can dramatically improve your quality of life and help you thrive through your cancer journey.

In an upcoming blog you will hear from two of our patients who have used these therapies and have seen incredible results. Make sure you’re following us on Facebook and Instagram to read their stories soon!

Reach out to us today to ask how you can supplement your existing cancer care; we are here to help!





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