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Patient Success Stories: Healing From Cancer with Complementary Care

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

In our last blog, we told you about some of the different powerful healing modalities we use here at Brookfield Health & Wellness, LLC–-like the HOCATT, Frequency Therapy, and the Nano Vi–-to help cancer patients not just live but thrive through their journey back to health and wellness.

Now it is our pleasure to share the stories of two of those patients who are using our modalities to heal from cancer and enjoy a healthy life. We introduce Wendy, an ovarian cancer survivor, wife and mother of three, and Linda, lung cancer survivor and proud grandma.

We love seeing our patients heal and we are thrilled to share their stories with you today. You can also watch their full interviews with us in the videos below!

Wendy: Healing From Stage IV Ovarian Cancer at BHW

I got through surgery almost miraculously, is what my doctor said. And I attribute a lot of that to the care I had here.” – Wendy, BHW patient

Wendy's Story: Part 1

Wendy's Story: Part 2

Wendy's Story: Part 3

Wendy was diagnosed with Stage IV ovarian cancer on July 1st of 2018. She initially pursued many different types of medical treatments, but the treatments drained her energy and made her feel sick. By the end of the year she felt that she wasn’t improving, rather her health was getting worse. She and her husband decided to seek out alternative care to support Wendy’s immune system, and she became part of our patient family in January 2019.

Over nearly the last two years, Wendy has completed many of the treatments we offer, such as the Frequency Therapy, HOCATT, ionic foot baths, the Whole Body Tuner, and IASIS neurofeedback. Today, she feels well and attributes her health and recovery to the combination of treatments she received at Brookfield Health and Wellness.

Her focus in treating at BHW was not necessarily to kill the cancer–-though that was a welcome possibility–-but rather to support the immune system, she said. She told us, “I got through surgery almost miraculously, is what my doctor said. And I attribute a lot of that to the care that I had here.”

Wendy is also quick to praise the positive environment at the clinic.

She said, “I look forward to coming here. You walk in and everyone’s friendly, ready to greet you, and you have the same philosophies as our family. Life is so precious and everyone here sees that. So it’s always very positive, and I leave here feeling way better than when I came in.”

She is grateful to have met many other patients at Brookfield Health and Wellness that are going through a similar journey to hers. Like many patients, she has had many interesting conversations mid-foot bath!

Whenever you’re on this journey,” she said, “the more people you can talk to that are going through the same thing, the better you feel. Because somebody that’s not going through maybe a cancer journey or a struggling health journey doesn’t truly get it. And the first phone call I made to Brookfield Health and Wellness, I said to my husband, ‘This is where I need to go.’ We could feel that.”

Wendy continues to come in for treatments regularly to keep her immune system running smoothly and maintain good detoxification. She has also been able to refer friends and family with their own health challenges to BHW and has loved seeing them find health and wellness as well.

Wendy is proof that a cancer journey can lead to an even greater appreciation of life and that it is absolutely possible to achieve wellness!

Linda: Healing Stage IV Lung Cancer at Brookfield Health and Wellness

“This is the best thing I did for my treatment. For me, I feel it’s the best decision I made for my cancer treatment.” – Linda, BHW patient

Linda's Story: Part 1

Linda's Story: Part 2

Linda came to our clinic after being diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer in February 2019. She knew right away that she wanted to find natural support to help her work through the healing process. After doing some research through the Cancer Tutor website, she found our clinic website and reached out to make an initial appointment.

In March 2019, Linda began doing different modalities such as the Photon Genius, HOCATT, the Frequency Therapy, ionic foot baths, and the Whole Body Tuner. When she first began treatment, she diligently came three times per week to the clinic–-and she started to notice a positive change in her health.

Out of the many modalities Linda has used in her treatment program, she specifically highlighted the usefulness of the Ondamed technology.

“From the get-go the Ondamed really made me feel like I was getting an idea of what was happening with me and my body and my system,” she said.

She also credited the Brain Tap technology for helping her heal mentally and let go of the emotional stress caused by the cancer.

“I feel the Brain Tap was very helpful for me because it helped me relax; it helped me be able to sleep,” she explained. “But also one of the programs in it helped me let go, and find a way to let go of things that bother you about “what I should have done,” and that type of thing. And you just say okay, this is what you could have done, but now move on.”

Linda’s husband Phil accompanies her to her treatments, and he also commented that he has noticed what a big difference they’ve made in her health.

The really big deal was helping the immune system,” he mentioned. “With the drug she took–-she had less side effects. And that’s helpful, and also–-I thought they worked better, because of her immune system (working properly). And she’s had no other flus or colds or anything else for 18 months either!”

Linda continues to treat at the clinic twice a week and loves the results she’s seeing in her health and wellbeing.

To anyone thinking about seeking out treatment at Brookfield Health & Wellness, LLC, she said, “Make the appointment! I feel very blessed to have found this–-what I call home.”

Putting love back into Medicine. Every Patient. Every Time.

Complementary Care Is Vital for Cancer Healing

Linda and Wendy are proof that it is possible to heal cancer with a combination of traditional and alternative care. With cancer, there is no single cure-all approach; it’s best to use as many strategies as possible that work together to achieve a positive health outcome, and our energy medicine modalities are some of the most powerful and effective treatments available.

These women are just two of the patients we have helped thrive through their cancer journeys; we have many more stories to tell! Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to be notified of our future blog posts and patient stories.

Have you or a loved one been diagnosed with cancer? No matter what stage you are in, we are here to help you on the path to wellness. Reach out and give us a call to book your first appointment today!

We are holding space for your healing journey!

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