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POWERFUL Drug-Free Therapies for Chronic Pain

Migraines, spinal disc injury, joint degeneration, arthritis, post-herpetic nerve pain (shingles), kidney stones, fibromyalgia–-chronic pain comes in so many debilitating forms.

Shockingly, a 2018 report released by the CDC estimated that 50 million Americans–-20% or a fifth of the population–-live with chronic pain (1).

Even worse, so many turn to opioids just to get through their daily lives, and sadly, many people end up addicted to these drugs that are only partially effective at best. Data shows that 21 to 29 percent of patients prescribed opioids for chronic pain misuse them, and between eight and twelve percent develop an opioid use disorder (2).

What’s more, the alternative does not seem to be simply prescribing less opioids; since 2016, the CDC has adopted guidelines to reduce opioid prescription and use, but the positive results have been negligible. Neither the depressing health consequences of the opioid epidemic nor rising drug costs to patients and health care systems have improved (3).

And that was before the panic of COVID-19 and social distancing went into effect.

It’s clear that alternative chronic pain treatment is desperately needed. Fortunately, we’ve had some success with that at Brookfield Health & Wellness. We specialize in the use of healing energy medicine modalities to treat chronic pain that are safe, effective, and completely drug-free.

Frequency Specific Microcurrent for Chronic Pain

Frequency Specific Microcurrent or FSM is a remarkable tool for treating chronic pain–-including even the most difficult to treat spinal injuries and fibromyalgia–-conditions that patients often suffer with for years without finding adequate treatment.

Dr. Carolyn McMakin rediscovered this frequency-based energy medicine technology back in the late 90s and began using it to treat the pain patients that no one else could treat. Once she and her team began seeing reproducible results with the machine, she started training other chiropractors, nurses, functional medicine doctors and even acupuncturists and massage therapists to use the technology. Now, there are hundreds of FSM practitioners around the country and the world.

The FSM machine uses a two channel system to emit specific frequencies that correspond to certain conditions as well as parts of the body. When the correct frequencies are combined, the patient experiences relief of their pain and with repeated treatment, the pain often completely resolves.

There are many reported cases of FSM being used to completely eliminate different kinds of chronic pain.

It’s All About Resonance

Dr. McMakin explains in her book aimed at educating patients about FSM, The Resonance Effect, that this occurs because the specific frequencies matching both conditions and parts of the body, when combined, actually enable healthy cellular communication, similar to how your specific car key unlocks your specific car, and no one else’s. That’s just how “specific” FSM is–-it promotes healing on a cellular level!

Dr. McMakin describes it in The Resonance Effect like this (my bolding): “You consider what tissue has the problem that is causing the patient’s symptoms. Then you ask what condition in that tissue is creating the problem. What tissue is it? What’s wrong with it? What condition is causing the interference that prevents the tissue from being normal? Remove the interference, and the tissue should return to normal function.”

FSM promotes healthy cell signalling in the body–-which reduces pain.

So for example, when the specific frequency for lowering inflammation (40 hertz) and the frequency for the spinal cord (10 hertz) are combined, a patient with pain due to inflammation in their spinal cord feels relief. It would seem like magic, except that it’s science.

The affected cells need multiple treatments to “relearn” how to function properly, but with repeated treatment, the cells begin to communicate as they were designed to, and the pain goes away (4). (That’s the short, non-physics version, anyway.)

What that translates to in practice is a “smooshy” feeling when a painful knot of muscle simply melts under the correct frequency combination. Other times, patients feel a sense of relaxed “floatiness” when the correct frequency combination is working. There is absolutely no pain involved in the treatment; either it works, or it does nothing. As FSM practitioners say, can’t hurt, might help.

Dr. Zach Kienol is a certified FSM practitioner and now uses this remarkable technology in our clinic on a daily basis. If you are looking for a new tool to not only manage but heal your chronic pain, give us a call and ask about Frequency Specific Microcurrent.

Interested in FSM? Call us today to schedule an appointment at 262-395-4023 or fill out our contact form.

You can also find more information about FSM at

BioLight Laser Therapy for Chronic Pain

If you read our blog from a few weeks ago about laser therapy for treating summer allergies then you already have some idea of how powerful a tool it can be for healing many conditions.

But in case you didn’t catch it, the BioLight Aura PTL II laser is a unique tool that allows a trained practitioner to add the power of frequency medicine to stimulate acupuncture points on the body, all without a single needle.

This makes it an amazing resource for patients who have body pain and would benefit from acupuncture treatment, but are too sensitive for traditional acupuncture using needles.

The laser is safe, painless, and both calms and redistributes the energy in the body, commonly resulting in pain relief.

Total Pain Relief Requires Emotional Healing Too

The BioLight Aura PTL II laser is also very useful for treating the emotional body, which is critical for all chronic pain patients.

As Amy, our acupuncture-trained and laser therapy practitioner, noted, “You always want to treat the emotional with the physical because we lock our traumas into the organ systems through our emotions. With laser treatment, you’ll feel certain physical traumas actually releasing from the body. You’ll feel something in your back or in your hip, and you’ll remember that really bad fall you had falling off your bicycle as a kid or an injury from a sport you played.”

Even seemingly “every day” traumas like these can have an effect on a person’s long-term chronic pain; the body remembers that trauma, even if it fades from your conscious memory over time.

It is impossible to suffer from long-term chronic pain and not sustain emotional trauma from it, so the laser’s ability to treat the emotions is key to healing the physical body.

We Provide a Healing and Supportive Space

Healing the emotional body as well as the physical brings us to one of the things we are most proud of at Brookfield Health & Wellness–-our supportive staff, a calming environment, and a true community of people that are committed to achieving and enjoying pain-free lives.

So many patients with chronic pain come to us after they have exhausted all other options. They’ve tried medication after medication and even other alternative modalities that have not worked for them. They have been degraded by doctors that merely seek to cover up symptoms without treating root causes or simply claim that the pain is all in their heads.

In many cases, they come to us without much hope that the next thing they try will be the one that works–-but they do it anyway.

These people are truly some of the most courageous human beings we have the opportunity to treat, and we do so with a grateful heart, an open mind, and a welcoming spirit.

We recognize that not every modality works for every patient, but we are committed to helping you find the individualized treatment that works for you, whether that’s with our clinic or somewhere else. That’s just how we roll.

Whether you are interested in FSM, laser, or any of our other energy medicine modalities, we are committed to seeing you return to a healthy, vibrant, and pain-free life. There is a support network here for you, so please reach out to us today.

Call us today at 262-395-4023 to schedule your initial appointment–-and mention this blog to receive 20% off!





McMakin, Carolyn R., and James L Oschman. The Resonance Effect: How Frequency Specific Microcurrent Is Changing Medicine. Berkeley, CA: North Atlantic Books, 2017.

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