Our Approach to Cancer Treatment
in Wisconsin

At Brookfield Health & Wellness, we collaborate with our patients and their support systems to develop a personalized cancer treatment plan custom-fit to their unique needs. What works for one patient does not necessarily work for another - we devote ourselves to finding the path that works best for you. Our treatment plans are inherently dynamic and evolve alongside the patient as they progress through the stages of healing.

Holistic, Alternative Cancer Treatment

At our Milwaukee area clinic, we approach cancer from many angles with an emphasis on functional medicine and natural alternative treatments. We uncover underlying root causes and attack them at their source, utilizing a variety of non-toxic treatment methods to strengthen the body’s immune system. Correcting bodily imbalances inspires the immune system and supports one’s natural ability to fight sickness and diseases like cancer from the inside out.

Holistic treatments for the mind, body & spirit target cancer at its core in Wisconsin

Natural Healing: The Power of the Human Body

The body is the ultimate healer – it has an innate ability to adapt to its environment and maintain a state of equilibrium. Stressors such as parasites, yeast, chronic viruses, environmental toxins, heavy metals, and carcinogens work against optimal immune system function. Correcting these imbalances supports the body’s ability to eliminate cancer and dramatically improve overall health and wellbeing. Our holistic blueprint for cancer treatment accounts for the body, mind, and spirit, attacking the disease from every direction.

"The body is the ultimate healer. Just as certain as a finger will heal if cut by a knife, so can the body heal from cancer." - Susan Rohr


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