Whole Body Tuner

Whole Body Tuner Introduction

The Whole Body Tuner is one of a kind. It has been said the medicine of the future will be through sound and light, sometimes called "vibrational’"medicine. The Whole Body Tuner, because of scalar wave technology, opens up the meridians, acupuncture points, and centers, (sometimes referred to chakras of the body), which allow higher energies to flood the body, which results in a healing environment. It causes your physical body to resonate, or realign with your etheric body, which, is the fullness of divine health.

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PEMF - What is it? 

PEMF, Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field Therapy, is a modality of our Whole Body Tuner. Included with the Whole Body Tuner is a mattress, of which the subject will lay on, that has specific wiring within, which, provide a ‘pulsed’ frequency into your body.


PEMF directs electrical energy through a sequence of magnetic pulses targeted where there is tissue that is injured. Each pulse creates a minute electrical signal causing the stimulation of cellular repair.

• Repairs damaged tissues(s)
• Boosts oxygen absorption to 200% at cellular level
• Improved synthesis of protein inside cell(s)
• Improved circulation by dilating capillaries and arteries
• Reduces enzymes that create inflammation by 75%
• Better oxygen absorption which improves Ph to alkaline alkalinity
• Returns energy back to cells
• A catalyst which increases both bone density and muscle mass
• Recovery is faster from accidents, sports injuries and surgery

How Does it Work? 

This unique holistic device uses polychromatic LED photons and magnetic resonance stimulation to bring the physical body into a homeostasis, or balanced state. This combination of color and (silent) sound, using ‘scalar wave technology’, is known to open up portals for higher dimensional energies to flow into the physical dimension. Scalar waves are two energy fields that are 180 degrees out of phase with each other, then pulsed.

Upon commencing with the Whole Body Tuner, you are continuously being swept with hundreds of thousands of healing vibrations. The sweep of these healing vibrations is similar to the notes/octaves of a piano, starting from a low note and progresses through the notes to the higher keys/notes, which along the way, in a split second are ‘hitting’ a frequency in harmonic fashion restoring the body’s need to balance, ‘by wiping out’ foreign objects like viruses, parasites, bacteria, etc., so normal cells can create balance.

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