Patient Testimonials

At Brookfield Health & Wellness, we treat everyone like family.  Our staff’s compassion, knowledge, and commitment to holistic wellness are what separate us from other practitioners. We’ve helped many patients overcome their pain, deficiencies, and illnesses. Learn more about the impact our natural alternative treatments make on the people who walk through our doors.



I have been treated by Dr. Zach Kienol Chiropractic for about six months now and would strongly recommend him to everyone who wants the best in chiropractic care...There are not many guarantees in life, but I will guarantee you will not regret your decision to be treated by Dr. Zach. It has changed my life for the better and I'm sure it will for you as well.

- Travis

We love Brookfield Health and Wellness!! They have become part of our family! They are the most genuine, caring people and we are so thankful to them and the services they provide.

- Debbie

Excellent treatments and wonderful staff. My chronic illness has improved dramatically since I started coming.

- Rachel

I'm very happy with my first visit to Brookfield Health and Wellness. First chiropractic visit with Dr Zach Kienol. He was very kind and gentle and easy to talk to. All the staff was incredibly friendly and made me feel cared for. That's something I rarely experience with other conventional doctors. I really look forward to returning. Even the atmosphere was pleasant. Oh and Dr Zach's dog is so sweet and was by my side when I walked into the room!

- A O

The staff and environment at Brookfield Health & Wellness have been, to me, like finding home. Their philosophy of caring love and effective wellness modalities are a rare find.

In a world of treatments that have toxic and unhelpful side effects without getting to root causes, Dr. Rohr and her team offer the best of get-to-the-root-cause, non-toxic, help-you-truly-heal care. For them, it isn't a business, but a calling. I am blessed to have found them and recommend them as highly as possible!

- Ellen

There is a welcomed feeling when you step into the EE Systems room. Peacefulness, calmness, very comforting. It’s the perfect atmosphere for praying, thinking, healing, sleeping, reading or just living. I find myself drawn to spending time there. The staff is awesome and couldn’t be more accommodating.


- G B
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