EE Systemâ„¢ Treatment
in Southeast Wisconsin

Enhance your overall health and well-being with the EE System™ (Energy Enhancement System)— available for sessions at Brookfield Health & Wellness today!

The EE System™ generates multiple bio-active life-enhancing energy fields, including “scalar waves,” which have a variety of health benefits. This revolutionary technology was developed over 20 years by Dr. Sandra Rose Michael, Ph. D, DNM, DCSJI.

The EE System™ uses custom-installed equipment to generate morphogenic energy fields that can produce healing. It has been recognized by dozens of medical, scientific, and professional conferences around the world. This combination of body, mind, spirit, & science helps people reach a higher state of health, consciousness, & self-actualization.

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Benefits of
the EE System™

Reinvigorate your body and rejuvenate your senses with the world’s most scientifically and clinically verified True Bio-Scalar technology. The EE System™ offers several potential health benefits:

  • Feelings of calmness, harmony, Zen, oneness, peace & relaxation
  • Better mental health & elevated mood
  • Relief from severe pain
  • Increased physical energy & stamina
  • Improved mental focus, flexibility & clarity
  • Improved sleep
  • Physical, emotional & spiritual harmony
  • Improved immune function
  • Improved sense of well-being
  • Releasing of past traumas
  • Relief of depression
  • Healing & rejuvenation

Discover the power of the EE System™ in Wisconsin

Ready for the deepest sleep/meditation of your life? Come with an open heart, mind, and set intentions! Our brand new 16 unit system is capable of treating 12 patients at once in a calm and welcoming environment. Get ready to unplug, reboot, relax and support your well-being.

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How long do I need to spend with the EE System™?

In order to optimize cellular health, it’s recommended that you spend a minimum of 2 hours with the EE System™. Those individuals with significant health challenges will benefit from 4 to 8-hour sessions several times weekly.

How can I expect to feel?

Each of us has our own divine blueprint and energy needs that will be prioritized by the body’s inherent wisdom. You may be surprised at how clear your brain feels and how deeply relaxed you feel within just a few hours after using the EE System™.

What to Bring

  • Bring plenty of water for hydration. You will also be offered complimentary tea and electrolytes.
  • Bring socks, a small pillow, and blankets for comfort. Sleep during treatment is the ultimate goal.
  • Bring headphones for noise cancellation or to listen to your favorite meditation music or podcast.
  • Bring healthy snacks for replenishment for sessions longer than four hours.
  • Eye masks and earplugs are available for purchase.
  • Bring medications & supplements to expose them to the EE System™ technology to improve bio-compatibility.
  • Wear comfortable clothing.

EE SystemTM Pricing

1-13 hours....................................$60/hr

14-23 hours..................................$55/hr

24+ hours.....................................$50/hr

Please call for children & special session pricing


Some rules and disclaimers to keep in mind

All sessions must be pre-paid. Please arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled session to ensure smooth check-in and to allow for questions. There will be a 50% no-show fee based on the total price of the booking.

Please keep communication in the Healing Zone to a whisper and keep your phone on silent or vibrate mode. Step out of the EE System™ room to ask questions or take phone calls.

No food is allowed in the EE System™ room. See a staff member to be directed to our lounge and kitchen. Results may vary.


Post-treatment guidelines

  • Please hydrate yourself adequately as this will help you flush toxins produced during your session.
  • An ionic footbath is strongly encouraged immediately after your session to reduce detoxification side effects.
  • A salt bath within 24 hours of your session is highly recommended to flush toxins.
  • Consider purchasing an enhanced EE System™ scalar bracelet/pendant to keep your biofield surrounded with scalar energy when not in the healing zone of the bio-scaler EE System™. These products retain their charge indefinitely.  

Can I schedule a special session?

Overnight and family sessions are available for existing patients at Brookfield Health & Wellness by special request.

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