Electromedicine Treatment
in Southeast Wisconsin

Electromedicine kills harmful microbes in the bloodstream and other places in the body. These treatments are versatile and the practitioners at Brookfield Health & Wellness will adjust them to target the type of microbes causing you harm.

Benefits of
Electromedicine Treatment

Electromedicine frequency therapy uses a functional medicine approach to provide holistic healing. Electromedicine uses electrical waves to target pathogens – the root of many health problems. At Brookfield Health & Wellness, our practitioners are highly trained and capable of using pain-free Electromedicine techniques to help you heal and progress towards a state of total wellness. Contact our Milwaukee area office for more information on how Electromedicine can benefit you.

Electromedicine kills microbes in the bloodstream to treat every type of infection in Wisconsin

How Electromedicine Treatment Works

The electrical waves emitted from our advanced tools can be modified to attack specific microbes. Much like an opera singer can shatter a wine glass by singing the right pitch, microbes can be killed off with certain electrical wavelengths: this is called their "mortal oscillatory rate." During treatment, these waves travel throughout the body, penetrating cell membranes while killing harmful microbes.

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The Holistic, Painless Path to Infection-Free Living in Wisconsin

It may sound scary, but Electromedicine treatments are nothing to be afraid of. These treatments are non-invasive and entirely pain-free. The only thing you need to worry about is relaxing while the electrical waves do their job to make you healthy and well. Visit our Brookfield clinic and feel the difference Electromedicine can make in your wellness journey.

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