HOCATT Infrared Ozone Sauna
in the Milwaukee area

Infrared ozone saunas are an ideal functional medicine treatment for those looking to maintain or increase their health, or for patients facing chronic illness. The HOCATT delivers a combination of therapies perfectly sequenced to give a gentle, but powerful treatment that boosts energy and detoxifies the body down to the cellular level.

Benefits of the

HOCATT is 7 times more effective than conventional saunas in providing full detoxification. Benefits of a session in a HOCATT sauna include:

  • Inactivates viruses, bacteria, yeast, fungi, parasites, & protozoa
  • Stimulates immune system, speeds healing
  • Cleans arteries & veins, improving circulation
  • Oxidizes toxins, facilitating their excretion
  • Normalizes hormone & enzyme production
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Reduces pain, calms nerves
  • Improves brain function & memory
  • Scavenges free radicals
  • Dissolution of malignant tumors
  • Activation of immune system

HOCATT Sauna Therapy

The unique benefits of HOCATT also offer several therapy types which allow Brookfield Health & Wellness to customize treatment for each patient. Some of these therapies include:

  • Oxygen Therapy
  • Carbonic Acid Therapy
  • Far Infrared Therapy
  • Hyperthermia Therapy
  • Aromatherapy
  • LED Light Therapy
  • Electrotherapy

HOCATT benefits & more information

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Oxygen therapy increases energy production, stamina, & performance in Wisconsin

HOCATT Therapy:

  • Enhances performance qualitatively & quantitatively
  • Prolongs career via prevention & preservation
  • Produces higher stamina & endurance
  • Reduces muscle spasms & pain
  • Increases energy production
  • Breaks down lactic acid in muscles
  • Corrects low energy & fatigue
HOCATT corrects low energy and body imbalances to reduce the effects of aging

Other Benefits:

  • Relieves chronic digestive issues
  • Improves impaired liver function
  • Reduces chronic headaches
  • Improves ongoing skin conditions
  • Loosens stiff, aching joints & muscles
  • Improves respiratory difficulties
  • Reduces allergies
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